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Station Information
Our Mission
Dreamradio operates as a not-for profit station to allow people all over the world to hear easy, relaxing music that is often hard to find.
Our Programming
Our music is a variation of traditional Beautiful Music, or "Easy Listening". With a primarily instrumental blend of popular favourites, and jazzy instrumentals, you will also find a mixture of popular vocals from today and yesterday.
Technical Information
Unlike many internet stations, we broadcast from a live audio source before sending the signal to listeners over the internet. This method, albeit highly complex, allows live human broadcast capabilities along side with our own custom "AutoMagic" music playback software.
Air Broadcasting:
Dreamradio broadcasts at 106.1 MHz and 1500 KHz, with restricted power for very localized service.
Internet Broadcasting:
Dreamradio broadcasts using Shoutcast technology. This technology utilizes streaming MP3 data, encoded at our studio and then sent over the internet to listeners all over the world.

Dreamradio Studio Studio - Your home to relax.